Trump: The Fire-starting Firefighter – The Muslim Ban makes America a pariah among nations

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The hubbub surrounding the presidential elections has overshadowed the passing of a decree banning 7 nationalities from stepping foot on American soil, an until now unheard-of eventuality.

If the question of selective immigration can be debated, the #muslimban is a racist, useless, counter-productive and ultimately – although there may be plenty more on the list of potentially applicable adjectives – a quite frankly terrifying act.

Coming into effect 16 years after the events of 9/11 perpetrated by the terrorists against whom it has supposedly been conceived to combat, this “Trumpist” decree is not aimed at a single of the countries of origin of the aforementioned.

So, after having plunged Iraq into chaos, sowing only death and violence and reaping only Daesh, Trump’s America refuses to accept refugees – a direct consequence of the calamitous policy of Bush – whilst giving the Golf states a free pass.

This is rather curious when one is familiar with the rhetoric that aims to incriminate the countries of the Golf for financing terrorism; it is doubly curious when an American tribunal is preparing to open a case against Saudi Arabia, precisely to judge its involvement in the attacks which changed the face of the Earth.

A little like Chaplin playing with his world globe in “The Dictator”, it is clear to see that Mr Trump draws up his terrorist map carefully avoiding those countries with which he maintains business relations!

This vile decree is a violation of every legal principle, as it immediately excludes travellers hailing from the identified countries who carry regular visas, as well as those who hold dual-citizenship, from entering into American territory.

Elsewhere we have borne witness to scenes taken straight from times gone by, such as an elderly couple arriving from Iran to visit their children, American citizens, turned away at Amsterdam; banned from boarding their plane, an Iranian scientist expected at Harvard and an Iranian film-maker expected in Hollywood to receive an Oscar.

The same story at Roissy, Dubai, Munich…

The chairman of the friendship group between Germany and the USA, who holds Iranian dual-citizenship, has been denied the right to travel to the USA!

What will happen if a Jewish Israeli citizen born in Iraq tries to enter American territory? Will he or she also be turned away?

The international malediction has thus been laid down (since, without shame and with no time to spare, every airline has conformed), with nobody able to make heard the voice of law and reason!

In these dark days, a glimmer of light glows: a judge at the Federal Tribunal from Brooklyn, Ann Donnelly, who had been called upon by various human-rights advocacy associations including the powerful ACLU, has ordered the American authorities not to proceed with the deportation of any citizen of the seven Muslim countries named in the executive order – Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Sudan – who hold papers granting them entry into the United-States.

Beyond the #MuslimBan, adopted less than 8 days after his inauguration, it falls to us to prepare for the unpredictable policy of President Trump.

We must be strong and immutable regarding our principles and values: liberty, equality, solidarity and also secularism – that of the State, not that of the citizen nor that of television pundits.

Secularism forms part of France’s legal framework; it is up to the individual citizen to adapt themselves to it within the context of Republic law. It is up to us to be demanding when it comes to the principle of equality before the law, in order to avoid and better combat discrimination.

Ultimately, France’s Muslim communities need to organise themselves and take responsibility for their own future in the burnt-out and barely recognisable country France has become post-Charlie.

Bernard Cazeneuve, the French Interior Minister, had tried to start a dialogue which now seems to be stuck in the mud. The president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, Anouar Kbibech, is a reflective and competent man, and our times should no longer be defined by ego clashes, but rather by organisation and transparency.

François Fillon’s speech, made yesterday at La Villette, has set the tone…

Islam will be at the heart of his campaign, with all its lies, its excesses, its truths and the imperious necessity to respect the millions of French Muslims, all of them %100 French citizens.

Trump and his sectarian, Islamophobic politics cannot and should not set an example for Europe, for France.

Given that we are still in the last days of January, this is my New Year’s wish for the Republic.

A very happy Republican New Year to one and all.

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